Hi, sorry for being rushy, but it's urgent and I want to ask if this new build I'm buying is compatible and good in quality:

CPU - Intel Pentium G860 - [...] 0ghz-.html - 64,85€
PSU - Antec VP450P EC 450W - [...] -450w.html - 48,90€
GPU - MSI Radeon HD7850 1GB OC - [...] d5-oc.html - 174,40€
CASE - Aerocool VS3 - [...] l-vs3.html - 39,85€
RAM - Geil Black Dragon 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333 - [...] 3c9dc.html - 37,90€
MOBO - Asrock B75 Pro3-M - [...] ro3-m.html - 66,75€
HDD - WD 500GB Blue 7200RPM 16MB - [...] 0aakx.html - 58,85€
OPTICAL DRIVE - Samsung SH-224BB/BEBE - [...] bbebe.html - 16,90€ -
WIRELESS CONTROLLER - PCI Wireless TP-Link TL-WN751ND - [...] 751nd.html - 11,90€

Total - with building costs (25€) and transportation costs (6€) - 551,30€

Is there any way I can reduce the budget wihout affecting the quality of the build? (Give only links of that site)
And, is the wireless PCI controller a good one?
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  1. i'm pretty sure the 7850 will be bottlenecked by that dual core
  2. I'm not sure how you could reduce your costs any further, though I do notice that you don't have an OS included - are you going to need to purchase one?

    You could downgrade parts - particularly GPU and HDD - but I think you're at a pretty low level already TBH and I would just bear the costs.

    That wireless adapter is fine, though on Newegg it has only one review.

    Everything else is compatible. I had to look up the MOBO and CPU to make sure, but per the Asrock website, your CPU is supported:
  3. looks like toms $500 build this month, which has decent benchmarks.
    The Build
  4. the great randini said:
    looks like toms $500 build this month, which has decent benchmarks.
    The Build

    Yes, indeed. The build is based on this month's system builder marathon.
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