NVidia or Intel for my laptop?

New on here so Hello everyone :),

I have a Dell E6410 which has a dodgy motherboard I have to replace. I currently have the motherboard with the Intel 3000HD built in. After doing some research I have found out I can also opt to replace with the other type of motherboard available for this model which has the nVidia 3100m 512mb. I would just need a new heat sink. (would I also need a new fan?).

I naturally assumed the nVidia would be the better option as it would be more powerful, but looking into it further it seems it performs lower in benchmark scores than the intel and is actually quite poor.

I do play games, but appreciate I cant play modern games. I do like to play older games at least though, such as C&C Generals, CS Source, Dawn of War 1, battlefield 2 etc. I'm not to concerned for battery life as I use it more at home now as my main PC is out of the picture now. If possible I would also like to maybe try a few newer games to those above, possibly Dawn of War 2 or something like that, can any of these cards handle that?

So my question is which is the better card? Is it worth getting the nVidia or should I stick with intel as it seems to be the better card, in benchmark results anyway.

thanks for any help
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  1. Go for the HD3000.
  2. hi sorry to be a pest but is there any particular reason why?.

    I am only going to do this once and just want to make sure I get the right one for me.
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