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No desktop on monitor when HDMI output plugged in

Hey guys. I have a 7870 Radeon video card, and I am using the HDMI output to plug into my TV to watch videos. However, as soon as I plug the HDMI output cable into the TV, I lose my desktop on my monitor. I just get the Windows background with no icons or task bar. The output shows up fine on the TV, however it's extremely tough to navigate through Windows when the TV is behind me and a little ways away from my desktop computer. Is there a way to get the video to stay on my monitor AND also display on the TV? Thanks.
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  1. Yes. The desktop monitor location can be selected in the video software.
    Open the video software CCC. Select the primary and secondary monitors.
    This is a problem until you set the configuration in the catalyst control center.

    After that, open the video, and drag it to the far side of the screen, into the frame of the TV.
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    Yes of cource..
    Hope you are using win 7..
    Followe these steps..

    1)Keep your TV and Moniter Powered on.
    2)Right Click Dextop and select Screen Resolution.
    3)Select "Duplicate these Display" under Multiple dispaly Tab.
    4)Apply and ok.

    Hope this will help..
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  4. Thanks guys! Got it working!
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