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ok, I got a free PC from my dad (it was his that he went and bought whilst I fixed his laptop) and want to use it now as a gaming PC here are the specs:

Acer Aspire Ax1301 desktop

Acer WMCP78M Motherboard with nvidia nForce 720a chipset
Nvidia GeForce 9200 gfx card
AMD Athlon II X2 215 processor
500gb HDD

I formatted it and freshly installed Windows 8, what next? I was thinking the gfx card and PSU but what should I go for? (the cheaper the better) i want it to be running most of the latest games in decent settings
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  1. i would keep the case and replace the motherboard, power supply, processor, ram, video card. you can re use the hard drive

    dual core is slow and so is the 9200 gforce
  2. so basically replace the whole thing? lol
  3. yeahh or if you want to upgrade in parts would look up the psu ur using and upgrade the video card to 7770 if you have 6 pin pcie power or 7750 if you dont..later on you could upgrade to a new processor/ram/mobo
  4. I'll be upgrading in parts I think, cheaper and gets me more knowledgable at the same time.
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