Fourth display and switching inputs is giving me some... problems

I'm using the Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 for my Nvidia surround and fourth monitor, everything has been working all Hunky Dory... HOWEVER! Whenever I switch from the HDMI (computer display) input to, lets say the xbox or television. It's removed from Nvidia control panel and I have to go through a manual configuration again. This is kind of a pain in the neck because I have all of my performance monitoring gadgets stored on the fourth display and as you can imagine it's really just a nightmare to set back up. Not sure if there is a quick fix for this, any feedback is heavily appreciated.

Thanks, Chase :pt1cable:
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  1. This behavior is logical since the 4th display is "removed" and the system recognizes that difference. A simple fix MIGHT BE to ensure that you have not enabled Auto Arrange Icons. Right click on your Desktop, select view, make sure there isn't a check next to Auto Arrange Icons.

    Otherwise, I think you are stuck with adding the "new" display every time.

    Good luck!
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