Audio device fine, no audio from windows.

So, this is what is happening. I turned my computer on to find no audio playing. My main audio device plays bac audio from DAW just fine but if I load a video in WMP i get a code C00D11B1. If I try to play a test tone in the sound settings I get "Failed to play test tone". I have other audio devices connected and also get the same errors which makes me think this is a registry error or some windows communication error. The only thing I think might have caused this is when I was trying to get my ram to run at 1866. This is a new build and the ram should run at this speed as it is in the QVL but that is another issue. Any guesses?
I should also mention that I have tried reloading the device drivers, updated the BIOS, and restyored windows from a previous state with no change.

Asus sabertooth 990fx
4x 4gb g skill Sniper
Visiontek HD 5770
2 seagate barracudas in RAID 0
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  1. Probably a bad motherboard, or the wrong memory setting.
  2. I have the memory running fine at 1600. Is there a way to test if the mobo is the culprit?
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