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Need help with case cooling

December 13, 2012 3:12:37 PM

Hi :hello: 
I just have a question about my rig's cooling.(I do apologize if this is in the wrong category,I am still new here).
(PS:I will do cable managament when my new psu arrives)

1.First off with the help of the added pics,Is the intake/exhaust placement right?I seem to have heat issues and yes I clean my case regularly.

2.I ordered a new psu (As you can see I chose a very crappy one :kaola:  ) it is a Cooler Master extreme power plus 500w :D  . And when I install it I need to know if the fan must face upwards or outwards(Downwards) in my case?

Thanks And sorry if I made a forum error please tell me if I did so,so I can avoid it next time :p 

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