Ati HD 3670 fan running 100% at idle temperature?

Hi! I have Ati hd 3670 graphic card . I purchased used card.It was working good but now after two weeks ago its fan running 100% at idle temperature (42-45 C).Its sounds is not controlling by any fan control software.there is no problem in display or loading heavy graphic application.Is there some implication of it and anyone have solution to fan spin normal at idle temp (42-45 C).I have installed catalyst 12.9 beta,12.3,12.6. to resolve the issue.
Please help?
Mobo: Intel dq 965 gf
Proccessor: Core 2 duo E6300 1.86 Mhz
Memory: 1 Gb (667 Mhz)
Card: Ati HD 3670 DDR2 512mb (Total video Memory 758 MB)
PSU: Delta dp280gb b (280 watts)
HHD: 1 Sata HHD
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  1. Are you using the correct drivers? The legacy HD4xxx series and lower use different drivers compared to the normal ones.
  2. ^I think the drivers might be the probelm but you can also mess around with fan speed using "msi afterburner", its a free download.
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