RADEON HD 7770 or RADEON HD 6770

I have a desktop that configures........... intel core i7 3770 processor, DB75EN intel motherboard, 1T.B seagate barracuda 7200 rpm HDD, 4 G.B STARLITE RAM @ 666 mhz, cooler master CMP 350 alongwith cooler master ELITE - RS 400 PSAR I3 psu.

I do not have any discrete gpu and I want to install a new gpu to my system. I have selected two models ... RADEON HD 7770 and RADEON HD 6770.
Now tell me which one is the best of the two and also which one will suit my system.

Plzzzzzzzzzzz... suggest me
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  1. 7770 is newer and more powerful
  2. Yes, the 7770 is better than the 6770.

    Get the 7770.
  3. The 7770 is no doubt faster and of a newer generation. You may pay more for that, but it's worth. You have a nice system there and I think this card will round it out nicely.
  4. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/538?vs=536

    7770's are great budget cards. There's not a huge difference between the two but there is enough to make the 7770 worth the extra money.
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