Will this mobo, cooler, and GPU fit in a HAF 912?

I am not good at sizing these things.

The last thing I want is to buy these parts and have to wait another week to put it together because it doesn't fit.

Case- HAF 912

Motherboard- ASrock z77 extreme 4

Cooler- NZXT HAVIK 140


I have looked for specs myself, but I am still worried about fitment. If it wont fit, what are some other sub-$100 cases I can look at that will fit everything?
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  1. Everything should fit. The Motherboard is ATX and the case supports ATX boards. That cooler is pretty large, you will need to watch what RAM you use as to not hit any RAM coolers it may have.

    BTW, why not check out Newegg. That motherboard comes with 8GB of free RAM.
  2. I have a HAF 912. It will fit full ATX boards and 10" video cards - you can even remove one of the drive cages if you're unsure. But the Radeon 7870 is a 1/2 height video card so you probably won't need to worry about it.
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