Several games have messed up shadows and shader fx with sli

I have a new GTX 690 and have noticed that a lot of games have messed up shadows (i.e. shadows flickering and/or only coming into view at indirect angles, or missing small chunks entirely) or shading FX (In Witcher 2 Enhanced, when using a charged power activated by up on the 360 controller d-pad, the FX of the "sphere" I'm in that slows time flicker annoyingly when I'm not moving but only in certain areas of the game) and I know for a fact that it's related to SLI and that my GPU is fine because running the games I have issues with on a single GPU removes the glitchy effects regardless of which GPU I'm running the game on. All of the info I could find ended in being fixed by either moving the SLI bridge in different ways, or installing older drivers, and (knowing it can't be the SLI bridge because both of the GPU's are connected through on-board circuitry) I don't want to install older drivers for my own reasons.

So, My question is; How can I fix these glitches besides installing older drivers?

The games I'm having the most notable trouble with are;

Skyrim; Sometimes shadows only render visibly at indirect angles such as turning the camera towards a different location and the shadows become visible on the corners of the screen. Or looking at certain visual effects such as the water flowing around the tree in Whiterun sometimes has "white water" in front of rocks in the water flow and the said white water is flickering constantly. Lastly, sometimes (but not in all areas and sometimes the following effects fix themselves) moving through water results in ripple effects on the water which when using SLI the ripples flicker at a rate that hurts my eyes but turning off SLI and using either GPU individually results in the effects not glitching anymore.

Crysis 2; Pretty much just the shadows in the my player have a noticeable "blank" spot where the shadows just refuse to render regardless of which direction I turn but this only happens in some areas all of which are outdoors, and as with Skyrim the effects are repeatable only when using SLI.

BF3; Some shadows just flicker at certain times and once again as with Skyrim the effects are repeatable only when using SLI.

Most other games; Some shadows just flicker at certain times and sometimes the effects are either most noticeable or only noticeable during certain cut-scenes and the effects are related to SLI.
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