Gaming/ rendering pc amd fx 6300 or 8320?

Hi im building a pc which i want to use for gaming and rendering but Im on a really tight budget so im not sure which is the better option, go for the 8320 but that only leaves me with money for an amd 7770 gpu, which doesnt seem to play games at great settings, or lower to a 6300 and free up an extra £30 for a better graphics card.

For gaming it doesnt seem like downgrading my cpu will change thing much tho there will be a bit of a drop for rendering but Im thinking that its probably worth it.

Just looking for advice, and what graphics card would be recommended for someone on a budget? if i downgrade my cpu i can probably spend around £100
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  1. For rendering you would want the highest number of modules you can afford (in the FX lineup). The more cache / resources your CPU has you would get a better experience. You may also be better off with a Phenom II CPU (like the 965 with 6MB L3 cache). If you could post a budget and a few other things I am sure sample builds will start pouring in...

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  2. amd cpu is ok for gaming, but not for rendering. it's not stable enough.
    7770 is good enough for playing general games.
    as for rendering, 8320 is better.
    well, of course, not comparable with I7 3770.

    considering the budget,
    well man, you can’t have your cake, and eat it.
  3. I just assembled a system with FX-8320, 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD, and Radeon 7770. It gets 7.6 across the board for the Win7 experience value. Out of 7.9 possible. I'd say go for it and don't look back.
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