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Hey everyone :)

Ok, so everything is running fine on my new pc (just booted today) except my display drivers for my new Nvidia gt430 won't install. As the title says, i tiny window with simply "Access is denied" appears. This goes for both the drivers on the disc, as well as the drivers downloaded from Nvidia's web-site.

My question is, would having disabled some features on my new SSD have blocked this somehow?

I enabled trim, turned off defrag, turned off system restore, and disabled hibernation right after windows was installed.

I read a thread where someone did a system restore from 3 months prior and was able to install his drivers (dif video card though, but Nvidia nontheless). So I'm guessing it might be that, yet I turned it back on and still nothing. I'd rather not have to reinstall windows 7 again.. :P

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  1. 3 things I have seen that can cause this:
    1) log in as a local administrator, sometimes a power user is simply not good enough
    2) lower your security settings in the UAC to nothing, restart the computer, install the software, then put UAC back up to where it is supposed to be, and reset again to make sure that UAC is applied properly (I have to do this to install an old copy of Sibalious.. really annoying...)
    3) Sometimes it is a simple matter that the software is not compatable with your current OS, and I have seen the Nvidia auto downloader pick the wrong driver for a system on multiple occasions, so do a manual driver download, or if that really is the right one, then right click on the installer and select 'run as administrator'. If that does not do the trick then force it to run in compatability mode, which sometimes works... sometimes doesn't, and sometimes only works for some features but is better than nothing.

    Hope one of those helps!
  2. try running CCleaner's registry cleaner, and then try installing the drivers. It could be something messed up in the registry that is a holdover from the install process.
  3. Sweet I will try these, ty for quick response O.O
  4. Ok, I figured it out. I tried the things you said, although I was already Admin (as I chose in the windows installation setup, and had already taken off the security prompts afterwards). Good thinking though.

    Turn out it was avast!! Before I posted this I turned off all the security options for 10 min, while still having the program running. Did not work. So I uninstalled the whole thing and VOILA! :)

    The only thing that had me worried was that the start bar message pop-up said "drivers were not installed correctly" yet after the "restart now" it was apparent that it had indeed worked.

    Thanks a lot for answering! Your emphasis on permissions made me think just maybe the one last thing holding it back was anti-virus. MUCH appreciated :bounce:
  5. ah! the joys of nanny-ware!

    Anywho, glad to hear it all worked for ya!
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