Need for speed

Hi I just built my new system

asus p9 x79 mb
64 gb iskill ram
i7 3930k 3.20 GHz intel cpu
crucial 512 ssd
wd 10,000 rpm HD
nvidia gtx 570 card
corsair 850 power supply
corsair liquid cool cpu fan
Win 7 64 bit

My question is how to best set it up for max speed. I work with very large files in photoshop, build and render video in AE and premier etc.

1. would it be better to use 32 gb in a ram disk or leave it for the apps to use from the MB

would like to hear your suggestions on system setup.

Thank you in advance
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  1. You might want to try this.
    It makes your ram storage. Which is what you mentioned. I would definitely do that. There is nothing else I think I would do with that 32gb ram. I don't even know how you are going to use 32gb ram in all honesty. Imagine being able to but at the speed ram operates at, that would be instant.
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