Installing five monitors, for trading purpose on 6950 1gb crossfire

Hi Friends,

I have the sapphire 6950 1Gb's on crossfire mode in my pc.
I have one 27inch benq and a 22inch viewsonic both LCD's connected to the two DVI ports on the top card.
Both monitors are 1080p and same resolution and refresh rate.

No problems at all!

BUT, now i want to keep 27inch as main display in front of me.
and put a quad monitor stand clamped to the left side of my desk and put four displays on the left of me.
Tilt the top and bottom right monitors to face me in an angle and have the other two on left face me straight from the left.

Or to make it simple , F = front, R1 = top right, R2 = bottom right, L1 = top left and L2 = bottom left
Like this.


So what do i need , will my two card be enough for this configuration?
I'm tight on budget too with just $500 to do that.
$200 just goes for the quad stand

So I'm left with $100 budget each for 3 monitors. I have found an 18inch monitor LED that supports 1920x1080@60HZ which i plan to put three and install my current 22inch as the fourth on the stand. here is the monitor site, its made in India.

Now the thing is they are VGA input LED's not DVI / display port input ones, so I guess I'll have to spend extra money on buying Display port to VGA.

Anyways before I start thinking and spending, please let me know if there's anything i don't.

I dont intend to use the multi monitor setup for any kind of gaming, its just for Forex trading charts to monitor many of them, while i can do something else on the front 27inch.

Or maximum maybe play a game like CS:GO online or a game on the front 27inch while i have the quad displays either off or disabled from windows display setup or maybe have the charts running and take a break for a while to play game on the main one.

But i think its better i'll just disable all the monitors and keep main one running if im planning to play, because the sapphire 6950's are already heating with default settings to high of 92-96 celcius degrees when i game on one and keep chart running on other in two monitor setup. I can fix the heat down to below 65celcius if I manually set to fan speed to 70-75% speed.

Anyways, please help and suggest!!

Nick from Mumbai in India.
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  1. My updated Specs are modified in signature now. That's all i got.
  2. AMDx6@3.3GHZ | 890FXA-UD5 | 3x4GB DDR3-1600 | 120GB SSD + 2TB + 1.5TB + 0.5TB SATA3 | 6950 1GBx2Crossfire | CM N620 AirCooler | Antec 12hundred Full-Tower | Antec TPQ-1200 PSU | Logitech G110 Key + Logitech G300 Mouse + Logitech F510 Gamepade | iBall C8 Webcam | Bose 2.1 Speakers + CM Storm 5.1 Headset | BENQ 27inch + Viewsonic 22inch LCD |
  3. Hi Friends,

    I can confirm. I have the sapphire 6950 1GB cards on the crossfire.
    I have five outputs for each card (crossfired card output is off in CF mode i guess)

    1 x Dual Link DVI
    1 x Single Link DVI
    1 x HDMI
    2 x DP

    So I have used up the dual and single link DVI's with two monitors.
    I'm sure can connect two more monitors using the two DP using DP to DVI adapters for the new DVI monitors.

    The question is can i connect the fifth DVI monitor to the HDMI using HDMI to DVI adapter?

    I don't want Eyefinity and gaming across all five monitors, I just want it to work.
    Maybe gaming only on the big 27inch screen and can also monitor markets on the four 22inchs which i will have them hanging on a quad monitor stand.

    Any Advice? Is this possible?

    I have a third monitor 22inch at the moment of my second computer to test 3 monitor setup, but i have no doubt it can do four monitors, the question is can it do a fifth monitor from the HDMI port using HDMI to DVI adapter on a DVI 5th monitor?

    HELP HELp!

  4. OK I just did so,

    6950 crossfire & 5850 single works fine together.
    Also confirming 6950 with crossfire removed also is working fine along with 5850
    Also confirming second monitor connected to DVI of second 6950 and re-boot and connect to 5850, is also working fine.

    So this means if there is no need for eyefinity or cross-fire and only multi-monitor needed for work or multi tasking.

    Then can connect 3 to 4 monitors on each card and three cards radeons on single pc means that minimum of six monitors using only the standard two DVI ports of the each cards. and 12 monitors can connect using the two DVI's and the Display port directly or with DP to DVI/VGA adapters each on three radeon cards.

    My problem is solved and i hope others may find my discovery useful.
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