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Slight Artifacting = Game/Hardware?

October 25, 2012 5:04:16 AM

I have a slight artifacting issue that is only visible in the far distance on World of Warcraft and only when enabling multi-sampling past 1x. I have read that many nvidia customers have the same issue (I have a 560 GTX SC) and have heard the same thing happening on 570/580's but some said it might be a hardware problem. I ended up RMA'ing my 560 GTX SC hoping it was the video card but the new one came in today and it still happens.. somebody on some forum said downloading an app and upping the voltage fixed it for him but other people have tried everything and couldnt fix it. I too have messed with all the in-game options and nvidia control panel options and no luck. Anybody know if this is a client issue or hardware issue for sure? I dont like that I just spent money on shipping for the RMA and this still exists =-(