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Hello, I'm building a cheap-o computer for a friend that doesn't really use computers all that often. I have the ddr3 memory, video card, and cd/dvd drive. Just wanted to check in and see if everything looks ok / is compatible. Thanks!







I actually have about $20 in the budget left over.

Edit: I actually have $40 left in the budget, accidently had two of the HDDs in the cart.

His old computer was an Emachines with a amd semperon 3000+ single core and 1gb ram. He told me it did feel real slow to him but it was fine for what he did on it. After about 7 years PSU blew taking the motherboard and cpu with it. I told him it would be better just to get some new parts instead of trying to replace the old ones.

Also now considering this build:

Part 1: 69.99

Part 2: 64.99

Part 3: 58.99 with $5 off code.

It's 193.97 and the parts are all free ship.
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  1. Definitely use that $40 into a better power supply. Logysis makes some of the worst in the business.
  2. Good advice, thanks.

    I came across that and it turns out to be near the same price after the MIB. Think it's safe to bet on?
  3. You forgot RAM.
  4. You need a different hard drive with a sata connector.
  5. Spankmon: Wow, thank you. I can't believe I didn't notice that, lol.

    Pyree: In the start of the post I stated I have the memory, video card and optics drive. Thanks for the reply though.
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