Evga GTX 680 hitting 80 degrees.

Hey guys, at the moment i have a stock EVGA GTX 680 which performs great! The thing is, the temperatures are hitting about 80 on load. I've read reviews about the alternate variations of the card, and the Asus DirectCU II version hits about 60ish. I understand the differences in the fans.

Really the real question is if 80 degrees (at the most) is damaging to the card, is it worth replacing it with a different version JUST for the lower temps? I've tried adjusting the fan curve, but it is much too loud, sounds like a lawn mower.

Thanks guys! Any advice is much appreciated!
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  1. Many cards run at 80C. Some of differences is how the cards are tested. Many review sites will test the cards on a bench without a case, so temps are better than normal working conditions. Other sites use a delta reading, where they subtract the ambient temperature from the temps they read it at.

    80C is fine. I wouldn't worry unless it gets to 85+.
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