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Cannibalize my rig and build a server/home computer and an itx beast

December 13, 2012 9:05:25 PM

i have a pretty good system right now with an i5-2500k and gtx 670, the problem is that my case is too damn heavy and bulky for my desk and lan parties. specs are:

*8gb of ddr3 gskill ram
*asus gtx 670
*850w psu
*fractal define r3 pearl black midtower
*2tb wd caviar black
*120gb sandisk extreme ssd
*asus dvd-rw
*antec kuhler 620


my plan would be to take the mobo, case, optical out of my current build, an old heat sink, and a bunch of hard drives i have laying around with a drive pooling software so i can have just under 2tb of storage. i would need a low end cpu, probably a pentium or core i3, ram and a descent psu to complete the server/home pc and this would be my christmas gift to the family

parts i will take away from my current build:

*fractal define r3 [good candidate for a server with rubber hard drive dampening and sound dampening material]
*asus dvd-rw [i never use an optical and when i do i prefer do equis... i have an external lmho]

spare parts from old builds and other old stuff:

*zalman copper heat sink
*hard drives [2x 500gb, 1x 320, 1x 250, 2x 150, ill ditch a few of lesser drives in the future and replace them with 1tb or 500gb drives]
*asus radeon 6670

parts ill need to finish the server/home computer:

*a processor [i3 or pentium, leaning towards i3, honestly i hate slow computers, no i dispise them, but i know that sandy bridge pentium is a pretty damn good value, i have one in my laptop and the desktop version will be faster]
*a psu around 450w with plenty of sata power or molex that can be converted into sata, might go a little higher to support a better graphics card in the future. this would be the best bet as it has the most sata ports, i will still have to get a molex to sata adapter or 2
*ram, probably 8gb since its dirt cheap right now. brand of choice is gskill
*molex to dual sata power adapter [ill get 2 even though i only need 1]

to complete my gaming rig i would need a new case and mobo:

*for case i will choose a fractal node 304, i decided on this months ago
*for the mobo

the mobo seems to be the best value for the money. things i dont like about are the fact that neither of the rj-45 ports are intel. also a lot of the features are not supported by an i5-2500k like pci-e 3.0, widi, native usb 3.0. might end up getting the Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe