[SOLVED]Motherboard I/O shield problem

Hi, I'm in the process of a build right now and the instructions I'm following say to install the mobo back panel first before the motherboard. I'm having trouble installing the back panel, it's really not snapping in at all like the video I'm following. Does it make a difference whether I put the panel on first?

I'm using an ASUS P8Z77-I with a BitFenix Prodigy...
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    Are you talking about the rear I/O shield? Those can sometimes be a pain to get it. Just use a bit more force to get it in. If you still can't, It may be a problem with your case or the I/O shield itself.
  2. Yeah, I'm talking about I/O shield. I mean I've seen tons of people with this case and mobo combo, so I know it should work. Guess I'll just keep trying. Does it matter which order I put it in though? Before or after I install the board?
  3. I literally just cut myself trying to get this in there. Just wondering if I can go ahead and install the motherboard and then try attaching the i/o shield once the board is in the computer
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  5. I see most people install it before they put the motherboard in. If all else fails, maybe try superglue'ing it there... I'm not sure though. I've never had any problems.
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