Starting Out Small, $750 Budget

I have a $750 budget for a gaming PC, I already have a KB, Mouse, OS and Monitor, just need a new rig.

I'd like to be able to make a big upgrade down the line, probably in the location of adding SSD functionality and a much better video card. Right now I'm looking to play modern releases like Borderlands 2 and Far Cry 3 on high settings with no problems while multitasking a few chrome tabs and skype usually. I'm open to whatever combination of parts if going to give me this functionality and ability to upgrade. Thanks :)
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  1. no future upgrades possible, but has a ssd and a great GPU for the money. comes with far cry 3 even
  2. Whoops, miscalculated my budget after buying other things, $750, not $850.
  3. I also have a Centurion 5 case that was bought in 2007 I believe that I could clean up that I'm using right now, as well as a working DVD drive. I'm not sure how big the power supply is, but I believe it's dying on me so I'd want to replace it anyways.
  4. papa new cd-rom drives the dvd with burners run 15-20.00 for new sata one on most web pages. 8g of ram run you 40.00 online from most stores for ram with lifetime warranty. I pick up an asus-v 77x mb there running 125.00 right now with rebate from micro center and new egg. I drop in a i5-3570 from micro center that 169.00. a good 750-800w ps will be 80.00
    2g seagate drives from micro center are 100.00.
    look into 660 or 7850. or hold off in-til april and pick up a haswell cpu and a new ati 8000 gpu. there not many games that bottle neck an i5 cpu today and a good mid to high end gpu.
  5. well you can still keep the case and the dvd drive unless it uses pata
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