Upgrade to GTX 480 help needed

Heya guys,
im currently in the process to upgrading my PC
but i dont know if i can just buy a good card & stick it in? i have an average system... Foxconn G31 board, E2100 1.8 Duel Core CPU, 450 watt p/s 4gig 800 DDR 2 Ram, GTS 450 card. about 5 fans (2800 rpm) 1 12 cm fan. Windows 7, 64 bit..
so here's what i want to know, if i this setup can run a GTX 480. or should i just get another GTS 450 n power supply? which will cost about the same as me buying the GTX 480 on E-bay or some? because the PC shops in my area is damn expensive to buy any components n stuff...
or else i can just get the G640 CPU w intel 1155 board 8 gig Ram. & just stay with the GTS 450?
come to think of it I haven't seen a shop sell a board that has 2x PCI E16 pins. unless ya order it :??:
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  1. Well first let me ask you this what would your budget be if you were to upgrade to a new system.

    Also as a side note keep in mind that a gtx480 is older and you can get more performance from a 600 series with quite a bit less power draw which your 450 watt power supply would be insufficient for.
  2. It would be about 3000 Rands.
    Ive seen the price of a GTX 480 on E-bay 200$
    & a 650watt p/s for 22$
    The prices from shops in my area are,
    Intel Pentium G620 LGA 1155 2.6 Ghz 3MB @ 599
    Foxconn H61MX LGA1155 2nd Gen Core MBoard HDMI VGA DVI @450
    2 x Dynet Memory 4G DDR3 @ 560
    GTS 450 @ 1300
    GTX560ti @2600
    so what do you think??
  3. Well I don't know the specifics I'll try and break this down before I go to bed and maybe others can jump in to help. I'm not sure what currency rands are.

    You can get a better graphics card for 200 and I wouldn't bother buying a card off ebay because you'd like some warranty and the 480 is 2 generations behind.

    Also I don't know the make model or amps for the 650 watt power supply and power supplies are something you never ever ever ever go cheap on.

    Also I'm unclear about the ram @560 very cheap and dynet sounds like a offbrand that I wouldn't trust.
  4. sorry my bad... the p/s is from ebay (PoWork GOLD ATX 12CM Fan 650W Silent Power Supply w/20-24pin SATA PCI-E--NEW) same specs as what id pay about 82$ my side...
    as for Ram theres only 2 options i have here Dynet or Zeppelin...
    i know the 480 is outdated, but looking at whats affordable it does works out cheaper.
    & the place that selling the card is called "newegg.com" (Evga GTX 480 @199$ w/shipping)
    oh 8 Rands = 1$... so buying online is cheaper than buying from my area
  5. I wouldn't pair an E2100 up with a GTX480. No way. I'd see about dropping in a Q6600 and OC it at least to 3.0GHz. Then you can get a GTX480, GTX570, GTX650TI, etc.
  6. sorry its the E2160. 1.8 duo core . (im at work so im just thinking off hand)
    but i can pick up a 2.66 d/c would that be fine, to use with my current set up n the 480?
  7. I'd go quad. The closer to 3.0GHz+ the better.
  8. yea I would agree with the quad core 3.0 ghz and a quad core puts you around a core i5.
  9. ok so i-series it is... you guys know of any good reputable stores that offer low shipping rates, where i can get an i5?
  10. Usually newegg. Might want to check shops. If you buy a new Intel core series CPU you'll need to buy a new motherboard and ram as well. You don't need to do all that, just get a Q6x00, Q8x00 or Q9x00. Get it as close to 3GHz as your G31 board allows.
  11. newegg.com: I primarily order from them I get great service from them and have for about 10 years now way back when amd was on top of the market :P socket 939 if you wanna know how old that is you can look it up :P
    NCIX: They are primarily a Canadian store but they have a US site.

    Caution with motherboards: be careful what chipset you get because with ivy bridge you can run into a situation where you would need to flash your bios to be able to use the cpu. So I would recommend to be safe to either get a z68 board or or a z75/z77 board.

    Here is a list of core i5's on newegg.com

    My Rig

    Intel Core i5 2500k
    Asrock Z68 EXTREME4 Gen 3
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 2GB OC
    Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 8GB (2x4)
    Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium Fatality Professional
    Samsung 830 256GB SATA III SSD
    Seagate Barracuda 500 GB SATA II
    LG 12x Super Multi Blue WH12LS38
    CM Storm Sniper
    Corsair AX850 PSU
    Corsair Hydro H100
  12. I've spoken to the guys from newegg they dont do international shipping.. so that takes them out o the Q..
    ill still get the 650watts p/s from e-bay. & also seen some 3.0ghz cpu's there also...
    any other sites to get the graphic card?
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