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I am lost. I have been searching for an exact answer on how to return to Windows 7 using the recovery disks I made when my Windows 7 computer was new. I paid for the windows 8 upgrade and now regret it. I have an HP TouchSmart 300 desktop.

Can anyone provide a step by step guide back to Windows 7?

Thank you in advance.
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  3. If I use a Windows 8 Upgrade disc/download to upgrade my Windows 7 computer to Windows 8, can I then use my old Windows 7 disc and product key to install Windows 7 on another computer?"

    No. The Windows 8 Upgrade license replaces the previous Windows 7 (or Windows Vista or Windows XP) license.

    To be clear: your old version of Windows that you upgraded from can no longer be used on your current, or any other, computer.
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