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Hi, this is the first time I'm building a gaming pc and I thing I'm ready to build it. But I just want some last opinions/advice before I start ordering the pieces in a few days.

Will I be able to play games such as BF3 on max setting(or close to max) with no lag? Is this a good rig overall? Any suggestion to make it better with out paying hundreds more?

Here are my parts:

CPU: (214$)

CPU Cooler: (50$)

Motherboard: (190$)

Memory: (40$)

Harddrive: (85$)

Harddrive: (110$)

Video Card: (400$)

Power Supply: (120$)

Optical Drive: (22$)

Case: (120$)

Total: 1350$
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  1. looks fine. should be a good system. Pretty good size budget you got there.
  2. Nice solid build, I'd just go with a different PSU. Something from Corsair, XFX or SeaSonic and no need for a 750w, 650w will be more than enough even if you get a 2nd 670.

    PSU recommendations:
    1- Seasonic SS-660XP 660W -
    2- Seasonic X650 -
    3- Corsair HX650 -
  3. I would go with a different PSU, but do you plan to SLI in the future?
  4. Thanks for the responses, I might change the PSU as you said zander.

    @deemo13: Yes I might SLI in the future, would you change something in the build if I plan on doing so?
  5. Well, you are probably going to want at or above 750W or so for SLI in the future.
  6. Thanks. I'm ready to buy all the part now, solved!
  7. Happy building and Merry Christmas!
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