HD 5450, 6450, GT 210 for League of Legends

Could any of these graphics card get ~50 fps in League of Legends at high settings? (not max)

I was thinking of getting the HD 6450, but since I don't need to max the game I was wondering if I could save ten bucks and go with a GT 210 or a HD 5450.

HD 5450 ($20)
GT 210 ($17) ($30)
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  1. of those 3 6450 is the best card saving 10 bucks here is a bad move
    6450 can play med low settings on some games and older games it really actually plays them quite well. I have a 6450 in my media PC and was able to play Bioshock2 on almost all high settings.

    Do not save 10 dollars when trying to game as you are already out of the realm of gaming cards.
  2. Well the only thing I use it for is League of Legends, again at high settings, or medium if need be. Intel HD 3000 (my friend's) can play it 60 fps at high settings, would a GT 210 or HD 5450 get ~50 fps at high settings? League of Legends isn't a graphics intensive game, and the only other thing I'd do with it is play HD video.
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    The GT 210 is weaker than the Intel HD 3000. The HD 5450 is about equal to the HD 3000, and the 6450 is a bit faster than the HD 3000. I would still say spend extra to get the 6450, that way if you do want to play something other than League of Legends, you might have a chance of running it.
  4. I'm waiting for Black Friday and am going to build a complete new PC in a month. Would the HD 5450 be a quick fix for now? I'm running like, 15 fps in LoL atm with a graphics chipset built into the motherboard (lol so old)

    I don't want to spend $30 on something that I'll use for a month or so.

    That being said, would the GT 210 do okay for a month, and get 40 fps in LoL? (It's the cheapest and most appealing option)
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  6. spend the extra money and get a 6570 or a 5570. they are good entry gaming cards that can handle a better load.
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