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Well i have already bought some ram for my new build, but this deal on the motherboard im going to buy comes with two free dims ( 4 x 2 ) of 8GBs of RAM. They are a different model than my original ( 4 x 2 ) 8GBs of Ram. Can i put both different models of ram into my computer or will that not work? Like will my computer explode, haha? Just wondering if i could use two different models of RAM to make a total of 16 GBs of Ram on my new build.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Are you talking about different brands, or different frequencies, latencies, and voltage?
  2. It depends on the RAM. What are the two types of RAM?
  3. am confused as jemm as well
  4. Unless you have 8 DIMM slots, it's a Mute point, assumming you specified the ram correctly.
    You said 4 x 2 for 8 gigs.
    That means 4 modules x Each module is 2 gigs, and it is very hard to stick 8 modules into 4 slots.
    Like puting 8 pounds of sh$$ (that smelly stuff) into a 4 lb bag
    ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77
    Number of Memory Slots: 4×240pin
    End Quote

    To go to 16 gigs you would have to go use 4 x 4gig.
  5. Assuming OP got confused and meant 2 x 4gb, without knowing the specs you can try and see.

    RAM tends to be finicky, but you never know.
    Just make sure to run memtest once you have them all in.
  6. If I may aramisathei, are you using a GTX670 JUST for Physx?
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