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I've assembled the new rig but unfortunately can't even get to POST. Power comes on, all fans go, even CPU fan, but no beep, no video. The monitor works for sure. I've checked and rechecked every plug, the memory, PCI, etc. All snug and correct. Handled CPU installation very carefully, although I am using the stock cooler. Any other suggestions?


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  1. Try to just run it with the CPU and RAM.
  2. make sure you uses the brass standoffs so the mb not shorting out to the case and the 4/8 pin atx power is plugged in. on the gpu if it has two 6 pin or two 8 pin power plugs make sure both are plugged in. there two places a dead short can happen...using an after martket cpu cooloer the black plat if metal can short the back of small mb. or the mb i\o shield fingers are too long and one in the usb/Ethernet port or shorting the mb out. also check that the clear cmos jumper in the right place and that the power/reset/case wires are on the right pins. if not you could have the mb stuck in a hard reset mode.
  3. standoffs good, atx power in, gpu 2 6 pin both in, using stock cooler, all wires on right pins. even tried with just PSU, CPU, mobo, no beeps with or without memory; all i get is intermittent cpu fan.
  4. Even without the memory?

    Do you actually have a speaker to generate beeps?
  5. Dumb of me, but I was assuming internal speaker. Tried headphones in various jacks, still nothing. Getting power led on and off in 5 second cycles or so. Indicative of stuck in hard reset?
  6. Oh and yes even without memory
  7. Yes I was wondering if you had an internal speaker.
  8. I assumed so but now I'm not sure and can't figure it out.
  9. If you had an internal speaker you would have plugged it in in the speaker pins... Or it would be on the board itself.
  10. Give power to processor.Connect 4pin processor power plug at correct spot. it is seperated just like 1 comes from smps.
  11. board is gigabyte mITX, doesn't look like it has speaker on it. the speaker pins go to headphone jack on case, which i tried with headphones, still no beeps.

    4pin processor plug def in right spot.
  12. Well, you need the speaker hooked up directly to the motherboard to hear anything.
  13. Remove cmos battery then try.
  14. I tried headphones in mobo audio jacks, as good as speaker, right?

    Remove battery with power on or off?
  15. Speakers either come on the motherboard like this:

    or they are added on like this:

  16. Remove cmos battery then power on.
  17. Doesn't look like there's any kind of internal speaker. Still get nothing from headphones in any of mobo audio jacks. I'll get speakers for future.

    Tried clearing cmos with battery.

    Still no response from monitor. Hard to diagnose without beeps. Hard to imagine serious psu, cpu, or mobo issue, they all look and smell fine and handled with care. Possible lemons or dead somehow? Possible monitor issue with hdmi? Monitor worked as second screen for laptop.
  18. Check the processor is correctly seating.
  19. Yeah man cpu sitting pretty under its shitty stock cooler with a little of that thermal grease

    What do I do man? Time to seek a professional?
  20. I've done several of these homebuilds over the years but nothing ever just plum wouldn't boot like this. I don't have enough tools to isolate problem
  21. twitching could be bad mb or bent pins under the cpu or a bad power supply. if you can see if a friend has a spare you can try.
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