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Do i need to upgrade yet ?

So I'm just looking for so input here. I know I need to just upgrade to the latest stuff, but I'm wondering if it would be worth it to just grab a new card for the time being to burn some more time on the old ddr2 platform.

Current specs: evga 780I sli board / 6 gbs corsair dominator ddr2@ 1100Mhz / c2q 9550@ 3.2Ghz / one of my 9800gtx's finally died on me which is my main concern.
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  1. I'm still using ddr2. I read a good report that showed the difference in reality between ddr2 and ddr3 when gaming is very small. You definitely should upgrade that graphics card though, even in sli they are very poor quality when compared to current generations of cards.
  2. The thing is, I'm not sure if I want to spend a bunch of money on a card that I will use for the next few years, or just get something to use until I upgrade to an i7.
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    I am still running on q6600 and 4 gb ram with a 560 Ti on my desktop setup, and the only game that is not blazing fast is starcraft 2 since it needs a better CPU than mine (yours is better than mine, jsut dont know how much more).

    So if i was you, maybe a newer GPU, but thats about it.
  4. Ok, that makes me feel better about waiting a bit longer. I have been looking at doing a 550ti sli setup vs a single card. But I am not set on that in any way. Any recomendations ? I don't have any bias to nvidia either, so I'm up for anything in the price range of a pair of 550's.
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  6. Personally, i never suggest SLI.
    The problem is that too many things are a question mark when it comes to SLI.
    Let me explain:
    SLi dosent work on every game. 1 negative
    Drivers are even more prone to failure. 2 negative
    Produces more heat. 3 negative (dont forget that this can create heat bubbles, thats really bad).
    FPS are more variable (gives the impression fps are lower than they really are). 4 negative.
    Needs a lot of power (PSU). 5 negative.

    THats 5 negative points. Normally, SLI will outperform a single card that costs more, but this is mostly in very high end.

    If you are looking at 2 550Ti, look at same price point for a single card (and see if its acceptable for you)

    Also i forgot 1 thing, SLI must be working with 2 gpus that are exaclty the same. If one card has even a little more problems than the other, you will notice that.
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