New Build, HD not showing, graphics card listed as generic

I have Windows 7 Home premium, 64-bit.

My new PC has a Crucial SSD drive which works fine, and a 2TB western Digital which seems invisible.

The drive is a WD2002FAEX. IN the BIOS the drive is listed in the SATA2_4 slot. The SATA controller is ‘enabled’, the SATA mode selection is AHCI.

In Windows file manager it only shows the C: drive (SSD). In the Device Manager, it shows both drives, and it says the device is working properly.

I also have a SAPPHIRE 100352-2L Radeon HD 7950 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 which is just showing up as a generic card. The card does work since my monitor is connected to it.

I tried to find drivers on Sapphire’s site, but the only things I could find were:

AMD Media Codec Package
HydraVision Package
ATI Catalyst Application Profiles
Catalyst Software Suite

Can anyone help me get my drive to be useable and the video card recognized?

Thank you


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  1. Have you just built this computer? You may need to initialize the drive, and install the drivers for the card.
  2. jerry when you install windows have to install the motherboard drivers first. I try and use the newest drivers on a usb stick if i can. if not the ones on the cd that came with the mb will work.
    if it an intel chiposet mb google intel chipset driver software you want ot download the exe file.
    for the video card the newest drivers are on amd web page.
    under gpu or video cards let the amd web page scan your system and point you to the right drivers.
    then you need sound and network drivers. also any other drivers for 3 party chipset.
    for the hard drive you have to go under drive managemt for windows and tell windows to format the hard drive and give it a drive letter.
  3. thank you very much.

    I just partioned the drive and am now formatting it, which should take awhile.

    I installed the drivers that came on the Asrock CD i'll look into downloding new ones.

  4. thanks for the help.

    I decided to re-install windows and this time when i loaded the drivers from the cd, the video card showed up.

    now to load in all the newest drivers i need.

  5. Glad it worked!
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