Will these components work?

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  1. Is this for gaming?

    And if you want to overclock, you are going to need a Z77 or Z75 motherboard.
  2. yes its for gaming and i dont plan to overclock should i?
  3. Its up to you. Overclocking just makes the processor faster, but takes aftermarket cooling and a different motherboard.

    If you do not want to overclock, then go for the i5-3470 as well as a H77 motherboard.

    16GB of RAM is also unnecessary. Go for 8GB.
  4. will the heat sink be neceasry with the i5 or should i use the one that comes in the box?
  5. thank you again by the way
  6. You do not need the heatsink if you do not want it. There's nothing against it.
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