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I been playing battlefield for only a couple of games so far, but i have been slightly disappointed with my fps just wondering if it seems normal to you guys?

AMD FX-6100
ATI 7870 2GB
1600mhz 8GB
MSI 990FX G65

I was expecting to be getting 50 fps in ultra but its no where near, its going as low as 19 - 20 fps and increase of 15 fps each step down - high - med - low
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  1. Do you have MSAA and AA and ambient occlusion turned all the way up? These can cause a huge drop(espicially MSAA) i would try turning some of these down or off before changing texture qualities.
  2. I play with 2x aa and everything on ultra with a 3570k/7870 and see lows of aorund 45. It sounds like you have aa up too high or are playing on a super high resolution.
  3. 45-50 seems about the average across the board that people get. I get about 50 give or take at 2560 x 1600 with a single 4Gb 680 all ultra with no AA or AF on. Dont need either at my res.

  4. The problem is; you went with an AMD for this.
    You should have consulted us a bit before you bought all the parts.
    (Unless you did, AMD is fine to go with if you are on a budget)
    The 3570k Can run circles around anything AMD thrown at it.
    other than a couple of the 8XXX series processors, those only outrun the 3570k in extreme rendering.
  5. That FX is probably bottlenecking in BF3. A core i3 is faster than a 6100 unfortunately, unless you do an insane overclock on that processor it will bottleneck in BF3. It says right here that a FX-6100 is about equivalent to a Q6600 from 2007 from Intel.,3106-5.html
  6. That 6100 is NOT responsible for 30 fps less than I get. You either need to change settings or drivers.
  7. yep def the 6100 is bottlenecking.
    OC it to 4ghz and you should see decent fps increases
  8. Depends on his resolution or how many people are in the game. Yeah it might say it can run on ultra but when it comes down to it the FX processors lag when 64 people are playing on the same server. That or it could be a power supply issue, overheating issue, or driver issue that is causing the slowdowns.
  9. I get 50+ fps with all high with some ultra settings and no AA deferred on Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor with a Phenom II X4 970 BE and a Radeon HD 6870 1GB....It is not your CPU, the hardware reviewers at TOm's Hardware found that BF runs fine on Ultra on a Phenom II dual core (I have quad) with 70% load on Ultra.
  10. i do slightly regret not putting out more to go the intel direction but my budget was already streched and i did rush a bit. however i did make sure to read as much as i could before hand, and it seemed generally that there is plenty of people running with much better results on the same AMD and people that can hit 60 fps on a 7870 in ultra.

    either way, drivers are all fully updated. and yeah all the settings maxed out on ultra im getting max (rare) 30fps, but if i take everything down to the lowest settings im reaching 70 maybe 80 fps. this is on 1360 - 768 res. that seems just bad to me. i was playing last night for a few hours generally on high setting no msaa aa or anything on and i was getting a steady 40 - 45 fps ???

    as i have just come for playing on the 360 i aint complaing so much about the quality of my gaming, cause its a lot better, i just struggled to put money for this and it aint getting me the results i expected at all, seen laptop benchmarks of a similar price coming pretty close....
  11. Funny thing is a Phenom II X4 970 is leaps and bounds better than a FX 6 core.
  12. He said settings in the game change FPS, so it has nothing to do with CPU, people. It is probably a GPU issue. Try newest drivers, make sure all power is connected, etc. Call tech support for the video card issues.
  13. You may have settings in the catalyst control center that are hurting your extra features enabled, at least that is what I have been told in regards to a problem with an old nVidia card I used to run....
  14. What is your power supply? That could be the problem... Also check to make sure that your GPU is in use and not some integrated graphics. That can be changed in the BIOS.
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