CPU or GPU Upgrade?

I currently have a i3-2105 and a GTX 550 Ti.
Am looking to spend ~$300 on a upgrade for my computer.
Should I get a i7-3770k or a GTX 660 Ti?
I currently play: Planetside 2, ARMA 2, and Minecraft.
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  1. You will see far more improvement in gaming by getting a faster Graphics card so go for the GTX 660 Ti.

    Forget the i7 3770K. You will never need that much processing power. If you ever do decide to upgrade the CPU, the i5 3570K will be a much more cost effective purchase. In gaming the i5 3570K is very close to the i7 3770K.
  2. Get a 7950 or 7870 instead of the 660ti.
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