Which Grapics Card should I get?

I just built a gaming PC and was going to use a friends old vid card (5870). His card died though so I'm looking for a replacement. I'm just using an old 8800 GTS for now.

My specs:
Ivy Bridge i3-3220
16gb PC1600 ram
ASrock Extreme 4 mobo
600W Corsair PSU
128gb SSD and 500gb storage
21 inch dell running at 1920 x 1080

I use this for some light gaming and everyday use. I want to be able to run some of the more demanding games (skyrim, bf3, doom 95 etc.) but they don't have to run at ultra.

I'd like to spend around $150 but will go up to $200 (money isn't that much of an option... but I have to keep the wife happy).

I'm considering the following, but am open to other options.

Nvidia GTX 560ti
Radeon 6870
Radeon 7850
Nvidia GTX 660

Also, I am not really into overlocking.

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    Simple answer! Get the best you can afford on the list: (probably the 7850),3107.html
    All of your other specs are in line, so there isn't really anything to consider but price.

    Also -- you should start watching deal sites like logivbuy and techbargains for good deals on any of the cards you listed above.

    Edits: I should note that any of the competitive cards in this range should handle most games on medium-high settings. What you are looking at between this is mostly a difference in framerates and some of the bells and whistles like 8x anti aliasing.

    Full article i pulled from:,3318.html
  2. go for the gtx 660
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