Newly built gaming pc, opinions appreciated

Hello all. I recently upgraded my gaming pc, while keeping the Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition 3.2ghz cpu (which is oc'd to ~3.4ghz). The following list of components were purchased and assembled:

Storm Scout (modded drive bays to accommodate the gpu)
AsRock 970 Extreme 3 mobo
Cooler Master V8 cpu cooler
Corsair Vengeance 2x8gb 1600 ram (in dual channel)
Ocz Fatal1ty 750w psu
Sapphire HD 7970 3gb Ghz Edition
Ocz Vertex 4 128gb ssd (Win 7 and WoW only installed on this drive)
WD 250gb Hdd (reused from old pc for storage, other games)
NZXT Sentry Fan controller

When playing WoW, I've noticed my frame rates with the game on Ultra drop as low as 29fps. Is my cpu the culprit of the lower than anticipated frame rate? With the setup I'm using, I would have thought I could have squeezed a steady 60fps at least out of my machine when playing WoW. Pc runs the new games that I acquired with the purchase of the gpu (Hitman, FarCry3, Sleeping Dogs) at max levels, without a stutter. I kept the cpu because it has been a performer, and I didn't feel the need. I'm having second thoughts. I've always heard that WoW is a more cpu dependent game, but I thought my tried and true Phenom II would have sufficed. If someone could shed some insight or opinion on the matter, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks ahead.
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  1. Snag an FX-6300 or 8350 or something. Or if you want to keep the 955, get at least a 3.8 clock on it.
  2. I've thought about bumping up my clock and giving it a go and seeing how it performs then. Idles at around 31 degrees now and under load around 40 degrees. I'll check out the two options and see what direction I could move in. Money isn't really an issue, I just don't want to waste it when I could get great performance at a cheaper price. So, in saying that, I'm open to suggestion for the optimal cpu that would be compatible with the rest of my build.
  3. I would say a 6300 would do you very good. As would an 8350.
  4. Thanks. I've read some good reviews on both. From the reviews I've read, I gathered that the 6300 can achieve close to the performance of an i5 2500k, which I based a build for a family member on this past February. I'd be very happy if the move to either of those cpu's could possibly perform close.
  5. If you are primarily gaming, I would go with the 6300. It will serve you very well. It is probably your best option.
  6. It will be used primarily for gaming, as a matter of fact. Thanks.
  7. Anytime. Glad to be able to help.
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