What replaces GTX 285 in October 2012

What's a decent replacement for my EVGA 285? Running I7 920 oc to 3.3, 6GB DDR3, 1000 watt ps, Antec gaming case with lots of heavy duty air cooling. Used to SLI on previous pc but retired and can't spend like that now. Still a gamer. It's October 2012.
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  1. How much can you spend on a GPU? if you give you budget we can help you finding a good replacement.
  2. Maybe 500 if I don't tell my wife.
  3. old fastmover said:
    Maybe 500 if I don't tell my wife.

    I would say those 3 are great cards, and all 3 will give you awesome gaming performance,

    Personally this would be my rank, by preference.

    1-GTX 680
    2-GTX 670
    3-GTX 7970

    The gpu brands can be traded too, they are just examples, but i think that those would be my 3 recommendations if you have 500 to spend and you really like your games at maximum.
  4. 500 could get you an overclocked GTX 680 which is a great card but definitely has a premium to get small improvements over a GTX 670 or a 7970. If you have the money that is the card to get but if the budget is tighter at all (like hiding the dough from your wife) a GTX 670 or 7970 are great cards and will save you cash. Deciding between the two kinda depends on what games you play.

    EDIT: Agree with ricardois, I have the GTX 680 and it's a great card and would choose that if you are good with spending the money.
  5. Actually the GTX 660 would be a pretty big increase in performance and it is very cheap compared to the performance.
  6. Thanks everyone! Will take a few months to do that. Perhaps be my X mas present.
  7. Uhhh, going from 285? GTX 680 would be overkill, and you're CPU will bottleneck it...

    I would get a GTX 660 TI OC edition like one of the ones here:

    They are all $300 from Amazon, and outpace GTX 670's
  8. GTX 690
  9. I would look at the 7970ghz edition or the 680gtx. Look at benchmarks of games you like to play and see who comes out on top. Both companies have new BETA drivers though, so look for benchmarks that have been done in the last couple of days. As far as I have read, the 7970ghz is the fastest single gpu card available for the majority of games.
  10. Either the HD 7970 or GTX 670. If you want to stay on the cheaper side, HD 7850 2GB or GTX 660 would still be a significant upgrade.

    If you order the 7970 now, you get 3 games with it too. HD 7850 has two games.
    Uhhh, going from 285? GTX 680 would be overkill, and you're CPU will bottleneck it...

    In CPU limited games, yes. In GPU limited games, no.

    I have a 920@3.6 and I could still use more GPU power than the 6950(7850 equivalent).
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