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I'm trying to connect my pc (Radeon HD 6570 graphic card) via HDMI-to-HDMI cabel to my tv Sony KDL-32S2520.

The image looks blurry and horrible. Any way to fix?
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  1. Adjust settings on your PC and also make sure you have the aspect ratio set properly on your TV (h.fill, zoom, just, normal, one of those should look better.
  2. The only screen format options on the TV are Smart, Wide and Zoom, all equally blurry and horrible. Nothing mentioning Aspect Ratio in the TV settings.

    The only effecting settings I can find in CCC are resolution / refresh changes and some "My Digital Flat-Panels" options, all of which also do nothing to help the quality.

    Really stuggling here :-/
  3. Make sure your resolution on your computer is set to the native resolution of the TV.
  4. Changing to the reported native resolution (1366 x 768) does not help either.

    BTW I'm trying to use the TV as my second screen.
  5. Try 720p from CCC. That's about the highest non-interlaced resolution.
  6. Click source on the tv remote then options and change hdmi to a pc input. The problem is with the tv settings and not the settings on the pc.
  7. I've had the same problem. I guess it's older TV you use, my tv is 6 years old and it's been blurry when is connected throu hdmi cable with pc. I did change the cable to VGA and it worked greatly. You will also need to get audio cable - jacks for your tv.
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