New Build; Corsair Carbide 500r or Corsair Graphite 600T

Just like it says in the title which one out of these cases is well... better? not in terms of price but reliability and what keeps the computer cooler. My MSI GTX 680 Lightning had just arrived to my PO BOX and my current case cannot hold the card. Essentially, what i want to know, what will go better with this graphics card?
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  1. Both are fine for that card and I would say both are good for reliability. Feature wise they are both roughly the same as well.
    Read some reviews on the cases and go with the one you like, either will do fine.
  2. I prefer the Corsair Graphite 600T it keeps my MSI GTX 670 power edition and MSI GTX 560 Ti HAWK. very cool but either one will do both are great cases. Corsair Graphite 600T PROS: Excellent engineering quality
    Great external looks
    Excellent paint job
    Large clips to hold the side panels in place
    Very well thought out internals
    New and unique locking mechanism for ODDs
    Excellent cable management possibilities
    Plenty of space for water cooling
    Spacious interior
    USB 3.0 connectivity
    Large opening in the mainboard tray
    Can hold large graphic cards and CPU coolers without loosing HDD bays
    Eight mainboard expansion slots
    Manual fan controller
    All black cables

    You will loose LED feature if you replace the fans
    No adapter for USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 header included
  3. My work PC uses a Carbide 500R and my home PC uses the Graphite 600T. Both are excellent cases. The only slight problem I have with the 600T is that it's very big and very heavy, and if you need to move your case anywhere it's a huge pain to do so. The 500R is lighter but has the same amount of room as the 600T does.
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