Does it really get too hot?

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I'm going to buy a gaming rig with the reference gtx 660 in it, and I read that it gets pretty hot in the reviews (74-76*C).

I think that is pretty hot, even though the max temperature is 97*C.

I've read the cooler means how long the GPU lasts. So is the reference card just going to last a year or maybe even less with those temperatures?
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  1. no, those temps are ok, i would say start worrying about when it gets over 85~90, it really depends on where do you live... Hot enviroment, hot gpu.

    I have runned a 9800gtx+ at temps higher than this and it still working, i'm using it on a backup computer nowdays more than 5 years if i'm not mistaken.

    Those gpus are ready to work at these temps.
  2. My old MSI gtx 560 ti twin frozr died on me and took the rest of the system with it, and it only got 65*C at full load, so I really don't want that to happen once again.

    I live in Denmark so the enviroment shouldn't be a big problem, we might already get snow this weekend, it's not hot at all.

    Thanks for the fast reply, I appreciate it!
  3. Unless the whole GPU started on fire and burnt your other components, I wouldn't think it dying would damage your components, what PSU were/are you running on that system?
  4. I had a Chill 1000 watt PSU, I do not remember more, because I sold the remains as soon as I could.

    A lot of wires had melted in the case around the GPU, so it was in pretty bad shape. I had the Phantom craftes series tower with 1 x 200mm, 1 x 140mm and 2 x 120mm fans, so the airflow in it wasn't either a problem, if you might think that.
  5. I am going to say thats a bit high my 670 rarely goes over 70 unless benchmarking.

  6. I would guess it was a PSU issue, I am assuming that is one of the "no-name" brand PSU's, and the power supply is the most likely component to fail and fry other parts (which is why most if not all of the experts here recommend going with one of the main brands). I don't think your GPU went bad, especially if that was your average temp on it. Don't worry about the heat of the new GPU unless a) a monitoring program is showing high/outrageous temps (or you feel the heat from the card is collecting around your CPU, raising temps there), or b) you start having video related performance problems.

    Sounds like he doesn't have the 660 yet Thent, he is just looking at the performance benchmark temp reports out there.
  7. The temperature hit 75 *C in Metro 2033 in Anandtech's review.
  8. That's well within acceptable ranges, and fairly decent, considering Metro was probably putting the 660 through it's paces.
  9. yes, like i have said those temps are very good, and the ambient temps will change value too. i have a 680 here, and i'm from brazil, so when i the day is hot my gpu goes over 80 celsius, on days tha the ambient temps are low i barely get to 70

    these values are under stress too.

    My old 9800gtx+ on some days went over 90 celsius and i kept playing, it still working today...
  10. Indeed it is acceptable, but compared to other reference cards as shown here
    It is still pretty high!
  11. You could always set a custom fan profile in MSI Afterburner if you want lower temps.
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