NEW BUILD I have some questions

First of all here is what I've thrown together on pcpartpicker, I didn't include drives, display, CPU Cooler or keyboard because I already own those parts being compatible with this new build.

Here is my budget build for the performance I desire:

If you know of cheaper, better performance hardware for the money I'm open for ideas.
I made this build doing a lot of research through and through.

One more thing, I've never owned a PSU with modular options on it, would that be a lot more handy, or is it personal preference.
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  1. I call this build "Safe n Reliable"

    Even though all kinds of various little problems could occur with ANYBODIES PC, this build is based off trusted long lasting brands, great customer service and out standing performance among tech benchmarks.
  2. There are a few ways to drop the cost on this build.

    Most immediate to me is the overkill PSU, you in no way need 750W on this system. I doubt that Crossfire/SLI is going to be a concern. I advise dropping down to this 550W unit.
    XFX Core 550W. $70 ($10 rebate)
    Modularity is a useful feature, makes cleaning the PSU easier as you dont have to disturb any cable management. Though at this kind of budget, the extra $20 for modularity can be spent better elsewhere.

    You cant overclock on that CPU, so a Z77 board is fairly pointless. Also you don't need some of the other features of that board (such as Crossfire/SLI support), so there is no point paying for them.
    This board will do fine.
    AsRock H77 Pro4. $80

    With the roughly $60 you have saved, I advise sinking it into the GPU.
    Sapphire HD7870. $210 ($15 rebate)
  3. ^ +1

    Those are pretty much the only things you want to change. This is also assuming though that gaming is the first priority for this computer.

    I want the Z77 chipset incase I decide to overclock the only thing I'd have to replace is the PSU which will be cheaper than buying a new GPU or CPU to keep me in the game a little longer.
  5. you cannot overclock the i3 so Z77 is pointless . get an H61 board and a pentium. will save you even more money
  6. ^ for a H61 system you would have to downgrade to Sandy Bridge (unless he already has one so he can update the BIOS on the board to make Ivy work).
  7. dont some of the new H61 motherboards support ivy bridge out of the box ?
    i have a gigabyte H61 revision 2.2 which means ivy support out of the box without BIOS update
  8. Far as I know they don't, unless manufacturers have started shipping them already updated.
    Will look into it.
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