Need help building my PC

i need help building up a PC that will run a lil gaming and i won't need to upgrade for already 2-3 years... currently i was suggested the following config
Intel I5 3550
Aaus p8h77-v-0
radeon 6670 / gtx 550
8 GB ram
600 watt psu
after converting from Indian rupees my budget comes upto approx $700 ...pls halp! any suggestions for a better config r appreciated
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  1. Wow, that video card is going to bring you down quite a bit...what resolution are you playing at? And also 600 watt is a bit of an overkill for that setup IF you don't plan on changing any other parts like the video card.

    For a "lil gaming" the i3 may suffice...
    Perhaps the i3 3220?
  2. well the processor is good n i plan to get it anyways .. perhaps a better mobo / card suggestion?
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  4. sorry bout wrong section ... still looking for more suggestions
  5. -Make sure the PSU is name brand
    -Try the 650 or 7870
    -Youll need a DVD drive (Any cheap one will do) and a HDD as well (Good size plz)
  6. i already have a DVD writer n 3tb hdd ... need the rest :)
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