Great pc around $600

hello guys, i want to build pc under $600 and my plan is like this :

CPU : Intel i3 3220
Motherboard : Asrock z77 extreme 3
RAM : 2 x 4 gb
HDD : Seagate sata III 500GB 7200RPM 16MB 3.5"
GPU : Gigabyte GTX 550 ti 1 GB 192 bit DDR5
PSU : Cooler Master GX 650W

any advice ? please i need your opinion about my plan and forgive me if my english not as well as your english, thank you
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  1. power supply is utterly crap. Could bump up the video card but the main problem is the PSU. It is highly inefficient, of very low quality, and cannot output what it says it can.

    A good quality 450-500w unit is what you need. Look for Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, XFX, and other select high quality units. Don't skim on the psu!
  2. ok, but is my plan good enough to play games like BF3 COD MW3 Crysis 2 CS GO an anything else ?
  3. edit : ok, but is my plan good enough to play games like BF3 COD MW3 Crysis 2 CS GO and anything else ?
  4. Reduced setting but it'll play them. Power supply... not so much.
  5. how about Seasonic 500W ?
  6. A Seasonic 500w unit? Why my friend, you're good to go with a seasonic! Have fun! :)
  7. thank you for the help, it very useful :)
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    A $600 PC should have apx an ~$210 graphics card!

    Oh God, don't get an old video card for a new system:
    - GPU : Gigabyte GTX 550 ti 1 GB 192 bit DDR5

    You're not in Australia by chance?, the venders here push yesteryear's crap on the unsuspecting.

    The GTX550 ti's texel rate is a major bottleneck in today's games during any action scene:

    The Radeon HD 7850 can be had for between $180 and $220 (AUD).
    - You should be putting ~ 35% of your Total Cost of Ownership into the video card.
    - The GTX550 Ti isn't a bad card, but you really should be looking at the GTX650 Ti or Radeon HD 7850 instead.

    You can probably get a more modern video card from an honest vendor at a better price.
    - The Radeon HD 6000's put the GTX500's series where it belonged; it wasn't much better than the GTX400 series.
    - The GTX600 series competes well with the Radeon HD 6000 series and Radeon HD7000 series.
  9. thanks, now i decide to buy HD7850
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