Motherboard Ports Aren't Lining Up

so I finally finished building my computer last night :D but I had one small problem with it.
When I was installing the motherboard to the case, I put in the faceplate and aligned the ports on the motherboard into the faceplate, and all the screws lined up. However, as I started to screw in the motherboard, one of the screws was very difficult to screw in, and when I finally got the screw in, the motherboard had shifted down and the ports no longer line up with the faceplate, making it look sloppy and leaving some things inaccessible.

Basically, the motherboard ports don't line up with the faceplate on the case unless I leave a certain screw out.
Is there a step or something that I forgot? The computer is running fine right now, but I don't like the face that I can't access some ports.


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    One of your case standoffs may be a different length from the others. Check and replace if needed, or simply leave the screw that causes the issue off. You don't have to use all the standoff holes when installing a board; I recently put one in, and the new owner had no screws holding the board down, just an insert with a riser pin instead of the usual screw hole. The pin fit neatly inside the mounting hole and held it in place temporarily, even when the case was upright.
  2. I realized that the case I had came with these little golden screws, and they go into the holes where the motherboard standoffs go, and then you screw the motherboard into these golden screws, raising it up about 1/2 cm. They are probably the riser pin you referred to.
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