Gtx 660 superclock 3gb or radeon 7950 3gb

Hello, I was going to get a graphics card and I was wondering which one I should get. (I'm going to be using this for gaming, obviously, like when the new black ops 2 and skyrim, ACR, etc.) If someone could point out which one gets the better frames on max (my monitor reaches 1600x900) that would be appreciated. Also I already picked out a psu (600 watt) with 2 pci-e connector so I'm good with the psu. 660: 7950:
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  1. The 7950
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    Radeon hd 7950 by far. You can get it and OC to radeon hd 7970 levels. Gtx 660 is not even a competitor to HD 7950. HD 7870 is. While superclock might make a difference, I believe HD 7950 is still by far faster than 660 and you get 3(or 2?) free games.
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