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As far as I know the 12.11 Driver of AMD is supposed to improve mainly the HD 7000 series. What about HD 6900 and HD 6950 in particular? Does anyone feel any difference in certain games?

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  1. It's hard to subjectively tell a difference. The drivers improved the 7k series by 5-10% on average, and the drivers were mostly focused on that series.

    It's difficult to tell a few percent difference even if they improved.

    Techpowerup tested a 6970 and it doesn't look like 69xx improved:
  2. From Techpowerup

    Our testing also confirms that these performance benefits are only for Radeon HD 7000 cards since the HD 6970 in our test group saw no improvements.

    They have a set of benchmarks they run that includes 19 games so if they say that then I'm quite sure the 6 series wont see any noticeable gains.

    Mactronix :)
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