Geforce 405 vs Ati 4350

Just wanted to know which card is better for casual gaming.

Geforce 405 (1gb) vs Ati 4350 (512mb)
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  1. I doubt either of those gpus would be able to even start and newer games. I am not sure which ones better per say but neither of them are very good. I wouldn't waste my money.

    Whats your budget and specs?
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    the Geforce 405 is better... but both are horrible for gaming.
  3. the thing is I already have ati 4350 and i'm thinking if I should upgrade to 405 if its any better.
  4. well i'm not going for high end games so its what ever
  5. Geforce 405 is in no way worth the $30 price for the gains over a 4350.

    you could get a Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 for ~$65, what are your system specs?
  6. The 405 does not even have a 400 series (Fermi) chip, it is a rebadged GT 210. These are not meant for gaming at all, just for being a display adapter, Aero, and video acceleration. I would save up some money now and buy a better card in the future.
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