Help! My computer went insane with blue screens!!

Greetings! I will briefly sum up my problem to not waste your time:

I have recently got a new PC, sorta, more exactly bought 4 new parts: 1 video card, 1 processor, 2 ram memories and a mainboard as follows

Mainboard: Gigabyte B75-D3V, socket 1155
Video Card: Ati Radeon HD 7850 1GB 256bit
RAM: Kit Dual Channel Corsair 8GB (2 x 4GB), DDR3, 1600MHz
Proc: Intel® CoreTM i3 3220, 3300MHz, 3MB, socket 1155

I have installed it and happily used it for 4-5 days WITHOUT A PROBLEM. I have played countless of games that were very demanding (like Black Ops 2), kept the PC on continously and IT WENT ON WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM. I was so happy with it.

Yesterday, suddenly, while on Skype and in a Dota 2 game I get this blue screen. I dont give much attention to it but then every time I tried joining the game (dota 2) and skype - one of them crashed either skype either dota while after the said crash it would take a few more minutes until I would get a blue screen.

So as any normal person I reinstall windows 7, I manage to the first time but then I end up encountering very odd bugs (mind you I had the same windows version as before, I reinstalled the exact same one). I kept getting the "not responding" error when trying to install Ati Catalyst Control Center and also while using Chrome - it often crashed. Then the blue screens started happening again.

I go and try reinstall windows again to find out that I can't even do that anymore. Every time when the installer was about to finish and it applied settings and finalized all the s**t it needs to do - again, blue screen. This happened 3-4 times. It made me think the DVD was scratched (tho it makes no sense really) so I went and got Windows 8.

Now I installed Windows 8 fine, got around to install a few programs to have THE SAME PROBLEM STILL, when installing Gigabyte drivers, when downloading my software like VLC or Skype, when doing ANYTHING pretty much except posting this here message... I get a forced restart (no more blue screens in w8).

What could be the problem!? The PC worked LIKE A CHARM for 5 days or so and suddenly now I can't even use it on the most basic level. Any ideas what could be the problem? What should I start trying to replace/modify or any idea how to stop getting all these restarts? (and yes i got the x64 version)
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  1. So what does the blue screen say? Until we know, you should do a chkdsk and memtest to rule out hard drive and ram.
  2. Are those incorporated windows utilities?

    And weirdly enough the blue screen said different things each time. Now in windows 8 I dont get a blue screen I just get a restart and it says that it saves the dump info in a file but I dont really know where to find the said file...
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