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Hey everybody,

I'm new to messing around with my computer and recently I have been getting tired of playing on all low settings with only 20fps while playing League of Legends so I went out and bought a new Nvidia gt 610 graphics card for my Hp Slimline s5510y. Crappy computer for gaming I know. I linked the specs of the computer and the graphics card to the name of them so you can see what I'm working with. I'm not concerned with the fact that the graphics card recommends a higher wattage than my pc has (300-350w to my pc's 220w).

So, to get to the point.... the graphics card isn't showing up in my device manager and when I uninstall the integrated graphics card that I have, the display adapter option goes away. I have changed in my BIOS from the PCI slot to the PCI-Express x16 slot where the card is seated. I have removed and reseated it several times, and the checked that the fan is spinning. It seems like it is plugged in just fine. and when I try to install the driver it tells me that it can't find the proper hardware. I have tried installing using both the cd it came with and finding the proper driver installer from nvidia's website. Another problem I'm having is that when I plug my monitor into the VGA port, it wont display anything, but I figure that may be because it isn't even installed yet.

So please if anyone can help me remedy this problem I would greatly appreciate it!
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  2. Ya you need a new power supply, and check make sure the new PSU has enough amperage on the 12V rail.

    Yes you do need to be concerned with power, it runs your card remember?
  3. do you have any recommendations for a psu?
  4. your current psu should be enough to run it, the card uses very little power, only about 30W at max, idles at 6W so booting up shouldn't be aproblem. And it is just rebranded GT 520... so the performance is rather low, might not be much of an improvement, some yes but not much.

    have you refreshed the device manager (right click somewhere on the devices, 'look for changes')
  5. yes when I go to the device manager each time I press something that says "scan for new hardware" Still unable to get anything. I figured my psu should be good enough to run it, but even if it isnt would that cause it to not show up in my device manager?
  6. if the power draw were too high for the psu, the whole system would be unstable/freezing/shutting down/not booting etc. There's no way it would just shut down single component like that...

    Can you test the card in any other computer to make sure it isn't dead? Friends' maybe?

    edit also there should be a BIOS option to disable the integrated gpu.. (just remember to swap the monitor cable into a output on the card afterwards :D)
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