This build okay...What needs doing?

Hi im new to pc gaming and im not very down with the specs on computers im wondering if this is good build at the moment.



What needs Uprgrading??? I want to play games like Gw2...Call of duty...Racing games....Cheapest upgrade parts (if any) pleasee tell me

Thanks Steven :sweat:
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  1. Well Mr. Hodges (by the way your name is on the first screenshot as the name of your PC, you might consider blacking that out in Paint and re-uploading) your PC is not particularly good, but it's not horrible either.

    I would say you need another GB of RAM, as it appears you only have 3 GB. Unfortunately, you're limited to 4GB because you have the 32-bit version of Windows. This upgrade is not expensive or difficult.

    You also need a graphics card, but you're limited a bit by your CPU. I am not sure what the best card for your money would be, because you haven't given us a budget :)

    So - get some more RAM regardless, but also what's your budget?
  2. Thankyou for replying and thanks for pointing that out i will change that in a minute.

    Im planning on upgrading to 64bit anyway in the next week... :) Other than that my budget to upgrade would be maximum £160
    Thanks :)
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