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Hello evyone, I' m in need of advices ,confirmations on my choices ,
I will be using this computer mainly for HD go pro hero3 videos editing programmes like Imovie, avid movie composer, cineform studio...etc, playing games like need for speed the run,
I already have :LG 21,5 led monitor screen 1080p
LG blu-ray home cinema sound system 400watts
I will need to set the blu ray on the motherboard or the graphics card ?

motherboard 80 euros

processor I5 /2500k 200

ram: probably 2x 8g 1366 1600 mhz or 2000mhz???? i don't really know what would be the significant difference ? but probably some like that 70

seagate barracuda 7200 2x 1 T 100

alimentation 600 watts 50

gfx card i m stuck on what i really need for hd videos and to play my game, i have a budget of 120 euros i , ve been propose a gtx 550 ti for 120 but wondering if that s the best
at least 256 bit, 1g ram ddr5 448 core right next would be clock memory like this is not to bad?
I also will have windows 64 bit ultimate ,bit defender 11, case, sound and wireless card,ventilations,for free as well as a step by step tutorial to set it all up ,pretty nice?

thanks you for your time and advice on the gfx card and anything else

i came to 600 euros not to bad
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  2. If you post the store that you're buying from that will help to suggest parts. If you don't know one check the link in my signature. As far as video cards go the GTX 550TI is no longer worth purchasing. The 650TI or Radeon 7770 would be far better for the same money. There's no reason to pair a 2500K with a Z77 motherboard as you lose the key feature of Ivy Bridge and that's PCI 3.0.
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