Computer not turning on, Please help!

Ok, i just built my computer i was messing with the hard drives and the BIOS settings, i had one hard drive all connected and as the computer was on (i didnt realise) i plugged in the power cord into my second hard drive. it sparked a little and the system turned off, now it wont turn back on and im freaking out. did i break something? will it turn on again? will i have to buy new parts? if you can help please do, thank you.
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  1. Are the fans spinning when powering up?
  2. It doesn't power up at all, i press the power button on my case and nothing happens
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    There's a test for power supplies:
    If the PSU does work, then most probably it's a motherboard issue.
  4. Thank god, its a PSU problem I'm glad i have a spare one lying arround. thank you Alexoiu.
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